Technology Consulting Services

In Person

At your own home, business, or a mutual place like Panera Bread. Offered in the greater Boston MA area.

Remote via web conference

I use JoinMe for demonstrations and assistance. All sessions can be recorded and shared after. Multiple people can connect. Offered globally.

Ad-Hoc Sessions

Suited for individuals that already have a certain comfort level with what they want to learn, and would rather “rapid-fire” off questions for answers and/or demonstrations on the fly. You only need to schedule a session when you need too.

Some previous examples – Excel and all spreadsheets, Craigslist Ads, Gmail organization, WordPress usage, desktop links to favorite sites, Digital Camera, New Car technology, Video Editing and Publishing, Photo Editing – Organization and Publishing, LinkedIn, Facebook, GPS setup/update, Tablets (iPads and Andriod based), SmartPhones (iPhones and Andriod), iTunes, Spotify, all Office suites…


Rates can vary based on the type of work. Please contact me about any website project proposals.

*An extra charge may be applied for travel dependent on distance. Discussed before sessions.