Technology tutoring and training in the greater Boston area.I enjoy helping people discover and use tools to fulfill personal and professional needs.

Willingness to Research

I have started a new business venture and have moved into new (for me) territory in the use of software and technologies. Peter has been a very valuable resource in providing answers and instruction to me. I have been impressed with how much he knows and how clearly he can communicate. But more impressive has been his willingness to research anything he does not completely know and come back with the answers. I recommend Peter without hesitation.

Excellent Teacher

Peter is an excellent teacher. he is a good listener and a very efficient instructor. I never felt rushed. he clarified some basic concepts using windows 7, and taught me some very useful shortcuts. Additionally and specifically, he helped with scanning and organizing documents and pictures. It is without hesitation that I recommend him.

Saves Time

It was very helpful. It saves a lot of time when you can sit down with someone who can show you the ins and outs of a program, rather than having to figure it all out on your own.

Address Current Needs

Not only did Peter address my current needs (the pictures are now on my web page) but showed me other (quick/easy) ways to integrate technology